Alki Day at SafeCo - Mariners vs. Rangers

By Alki Elementary PTA (other events)

Saturday, April 26 2014 6:10 PM 10:00 PM PDT

The Seattle Mariners are extending a discount ticket offer to the students, parents, faculty and staff at our school! Enjoy a special outing with your friends and family members!

  • Bring out your family and friends and join our school at Safeco Field to watch some exciting Major League Baseball action!
  • To purchase tickets, please return the form and payment to your school by the deadline date.
  • We have a large block of seats reserved for the game, so order your seats now and join us for some fun at the ballpark!

For all students and their families. If you would like to sit with another family, please place one order for the entire

group. Orders are filled on a first come first serve basis and are based on availability.